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  • How It Works

    Each month, we select a state known for its quality barbecue and find three local rubs or sauces with distinctive flavor. We search for the best in unsung barbecue flavor, venturing to small-town barbecue joints, talking to local pit masters, and keeping our ears open for news of talented home chefs. We bring their products to you, packed in wood chips and topped with a grilling plank.


What's the rub?

Three carefully crafted barbecue rubs and sauces expertly curated for you, every month.

The Rub

We search small towns and cities for the best locally-produced barbecue rubs and sauces in the country.

The Story

Along the way, we learn what each flavorful blend means to the people who crafted it.

The Delivery

We bring those encounters to your doorstep, delivering three rubs and sauces every month.

This Month's Box: Louisiana

We’ve selected a sauce and a rub straight from the Bayou State. Sign Up »